Hey all you guys in the blogosphere.  I am Greg Bailey.  Just getting started on the web through WordPress and Yahoo small business.  I hope to use this blog and the website word4men.com to encourage men to live for God by the path of studying His words and maybe even those of some godly, dead men.  I will be getting somethings out to you all soon.

A little bit about me.  I have served as an Army Infantry officer (to include 7 months during Desert Storm with the 101st Airborne), taught in secondary schools (Social Studies and History), read meters for a power company, served as a hospital chaplain, sold furniture, handled mortgage docs and supply and volunteer preached all over.  I have a BS in Education from The Citadel in my beloved Charleston, SC and a M.Div in Counselling Ministry with Biblical Languages from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC (the old Wake Forest College campus).  I am married to my best friend and Godly woman (Cindy nee Russell) and have three grown children, one son-in -law, and two grandchildren.

Personally, I am just grateful that the Almighty, Righteous, Holy God who created all things has saved me from His wrath and my sins by His Sons atoning work on the Cross.

In Christ Alone,

Greg Bailey



  1. bring it on!

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