Posted by: word4men | April 2, 2010

A Godly Lady

Well it is after 1AM and after watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on TCM I still can’t go to sleep. Strange day today. Planned on spending it in the office doing paperwork for IDG (Interdisciplinary Group) meeting. This is where folks from all the disciplines get together with the medical director and discuss the patients. Do to some payday things and a scare from a patient it didn’t work out that way.
Tomorrow I will go to a funeral at noon. It will be held in a small Baptist church building downtown (peninsular Charleston), predominantly black congregation. The saint who has met her Master and Savior was 96 years old. She will no longer be hard of hearing or be concerned because she doesn’t enjoy food anymore and is loosing weight. She will no longer feel heartache for her lost children or her deceased husband who showed no signs of having a life-changing experience with Christ.
Mrs. G, all 90 lbs of her would greet me every two weeks with a confused look, and then a smile and then a serious look as she began a short sermon. “Denomination won’t save you! Baptism won’t save you, no particular church will save you! Only Jesus will save you!” In her aged voice, with her wagging finger, I thought I was in the prescence of a human, brown Yoda. But, her wisdom was always the same. And it was always true. It was the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your human achievement won’t save you from God’s wrath, your good works won’t counter the sins you commit and entertain in your heart, even submitting to baptism and joining a church will not save you. Only Jesus can bring you into the CHURCH. It was the same message over and over again, before I would read a scripture to her and lead her into a devotion, song or 3 and prayer. Why was it her only message? I think because she had learned in her 96 years that it was the only one that really matters.
I would like to think that in the last 2 months of her life that my visits brought her some comfort, some aid in worshipping God. I know that they challenged me, they aided me in my walk and ministry. I know I learned a bit about living and a bit about dying from a dear saint of God.
Precious in the sight of the LORDIs the death of His godly ones.
Psalm 116:15


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