Posted by: word4men | August 6, 2009

A Bit of A New Direction

CompanioningWell folks, as of tomorrow I will be taking a new role in the Kingdom and my life. I will be the Charleston area Chaplain for Serenity Hospice. This is a good fit for me I believe as I thoroughly enjoyed me time as a CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) resident in 01-03.
I hope to use the blog as a bit of a journal of my experiences and an effort to educate others in the experience of ministering to patients and families preparing for death and dealing with the subsequent grief and mourning. I hope that God will give me some insight by using the blog to develop a more Biblical view and method of this ministry than I find in the literature now.
I am very humbled that God basically just dropped this opportunity in my lap when I wasn’t looking for it.
For my Christian brothers and sisters, I ask that you pray for me to be a faithful witness for Christ as I negotiate the thin line of being employed be a secular organization to do soul work.
I will be posting this weekend and then next Friday as I take part in training and hopefully a couple of times a week there after.
Grace Alone,



  1. Congratulations Greg, may the Lord bless you in all of your endeavors. Blessings, jacy

  2. WOW! I am blessed by your willingness to minister to God’s people in this way! I’ve gotten too emotional for such work. I will pray that He will work mightily through you!
    In Him,

  3. Dear Paul and Jacy (Joan from the Reformed Women, correct?):
    Thank you for your checking my blog out and for your congratulations and prayers. I have been in the chaplaincy in the hospital for 2 years in Spartanburg, SC in 01-03 and enjoyed it, but the challenges were rough inspite of the satisfaction. And, I really wanted to preach and teach more in “my calling.” I may have just spent 6 years with the mistaken impression that it was my calling. Paul, I am a real blubber puss, and it is actually a good thing. It is actually a thing that helps you relate to the folks suffering.
    Please think of me when you go to the Father in Prayer.
    Grace Alone,

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